Harvest Rainwater for Future Use, with This Great Value Product

June 28, 2017



It’s been a fairly dry winter, they say, but the rains are coming. Have you considered recycling rainwater for garden use? It’s so simple: just install a butt and a diverter kit from your downpipe, and nature does the rest!

Here’s a handy and informative article on How to Recycle Rainwater.

TBS stocks the Garden Lake 200 litre Water Butt Kit. It comes in an attractive wood grain effect and with a stand, diverter kit, and a child-safe locking lid – all for only £34.00 + VAT.

So do yourself and the environment a favour, and harvest your rainwater with some help from TBS. Just give our Sales team a call at any branch.


Fancy a Man-Cave? Creative Designs for a ‘Masculine’ Home

June 28, 2017

How to make a home feel male – without beer cans everywhere? Well, these pictures show what can be done!

Interior & furniture designer G. Papos undertook to convert a former craft room in a residential loft for a busy bachelor client. The result is a pop aesthetic that enhances the industrial characteristics of the building.

“The boy done good”, we say.

‘Industrial’ style, with exposed brick walls, wooden beams and minimalist furniture that highlights the style – these seem to be the keynotes for fittings and decor.



You can find more information and some more photos here and here.


Need to Repair Chips and Cracks in Masonry? Look No Further!

June 27, 2017

Epoxy mortar for repairing of concrete

Are there cracks in your mortar window sills? Have your stone sills been chipped? Do your outside steps have holes in the stone or brick? It can easily happen with weathering over the years. The good news is, there’s a fairly straightforward repair.

TBS stock Everbuild Epoxyset repair mortar, both standard set (technical specifications here) and rapid set (technical specifications here). It’s a three-part general purpose repair mortar based on epoxy resin technology.


It can be used to repair concrete, screeds, stone or  brick in even the most demanding domestic and industrial situations. It’s stronger than conventional mortars. You can even use it on steel.

Epoxyset is formulated to withstand chemicals, impact and abrasion. So it’s the best way to repair wear and tear damage to  floors, steps, pipeskerbs and sills. Because it is so hard-wearing, Epoxyset can be used in high-traffic areas, on walkways or ramps, and on industrial floors.



Epoxyset packs come with finishing solvent and gloves. The mortar can be laid easily with a trowel, in either thin or thick layers. Ensure surfaces are free from flaking material, dust, rust and grease. Saw or chisel edges to a defined area to a depth of 3mm. Here are some DIY instructions for applying epoxy mortar.

NOTE: When bonding to stone, especially if the area is quite large, you may need to apply a priming coat.

So you don’t have to worry whether the postman is going to fall headlong down your steps. Get down to TBS and get yourself some Epoxyset.


Keep Your Gutters Clear of Leaves and Debris – with a Porcupine!

June 27, 2017

Are you still climbing up a ladder every autumn to clear your guttering of moss and leaves? Tedious business, isn’t it! Well, now there’s a simple but ingenious answer.

TBS stocks the Porcupine, from Brett Martin – a very effective way of keeping virtually any domestic gutter system clear of debris. It sits in your gutter and fills the available space.

Its high quality polypropylene filaments are securely fixed to a central rust-free, stainless steel core. They let water run along the gutter but keep leaves out.

The Porcupine is practically maintenance-free. It’s easy to install, too: just push each length between the gutter and the roof tiles. It comes in 2m lengths, so you do need to calculate the total length of your gutter run and do the maths. Each length costs £8.30 + VAT.

That may sound a bit steep, but compare it with the cost of hiring someone every year to come and do your guttering – while the Porcupine will still be sitting there when Fulham win the FA Cup!

Adam Tree

You could use them as interesting party wear? Or probably not…

PD1018_large.ashxAnd while we’re at it, if your guttering is looking old and getting a bit disjointed, now would be a great time to replace it.

TBS sells Brett Martin pipe, gutter and fittings in roundstyle (black, white, brown and grey)


squarestyle (black, white, brown)


and deepstyle (black, white).  We also stock the rise and fall brackets to get everything draining at the right angle.


Using a Vapour Control Layer Will Reduce Condensation

June 20, 2017


TBS stocks Vapour Control Barrier Sheet, from JRT Supplies. It’s a quality 125mu polyethylene product that forms a barrier to help reduce convective heat loss and prevent condensation between the layers of a structure. It comes in a 2.45m x 50m roll and is green tinted. The advantage of a single roll is that it prevents cracking in the screed.

Image: e-architect

Image: e-architect

You can use Vapour Control Layer in the roof, walls and floors, to prevent warm, damp air from inside the building from penetrating into the structure or the roof. It is often used in commercial applications, but it is ideal for timber framed houses.

By using a vapour barrier, you meet sustainable building requirements and also environmental goals.

Our sales team can help you further and give you an attractive price for this useful building aid. So why not give TBS a call!

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