Fancy Some Art Deco Style in Your Home?

April 25, 2017

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Did you see The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio? It’s based on F Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel of the same name. How did you like the architecture and fittings?


The interior decor in the film is sumptuous. Much of it is in the Art Deco style, a movement that began in the 1920s in France.  Could it be that the movie will spark renewed interest in this style? It’s certainly worth considering, with its glamorous straight lines and exuberant use of inlays.



Art Deco was an eclectic style and drew on many sources historic European styles, as well as the exotic themes of contemporary avant garde art.

Image: modesthomeplan.com

Image: modesthomeplan.com

TBS will gladly try to advise you if you want to experiment with some Art Deco in your home. It’ll give us a challenge!


Sterling OSB Panel Board Keeps Growing in Popularity

April 25, 2017


For many years OSB (Oriented Strand Board), also known as Sterling Board, has been a favourite in the building trade. This is hardly surprising, seeing how versatile – and affordable – it is.

It’s made of 95% criss-cross layers of thin, rectangular wooden strips, compressed and bonded together with 5% wax and synthetic resin. It is ideally suited to all kinds of building applications, including:

hoardings      shelving and racking       caravans        garden sheds       exhibition stands       interior cladding       agricultural buildings     packaging and crates       portable buildings       roofs      boarding up doors and windows

OSB is easy to work, file, sand, nail and drill.  Because it has no grain, you can drive a nail to within 8mm of the edge without it splitting.

Because it is reconstituted wood, there are no knots or voids to cause trouble when you’re sawing. Yet because it is real wood, you can glue it with any PVA adhesive. At TBS we sell Everbuild PVA. You can also sand the surface and paint it with any good quality wood paint.

TIP: If you’re using a power saw, use a slower feed rate, as the stranded structure can make the board bind.

Photo: buildingdesignindex.co.uk

Photo: buildingdesignindex.co.uk

OSB ususally comes in 8′ x 4′ boards.  TBS stocks two kinds:

11mm OSB2, the 2 signifying that it is intended for a DRY environment, i.e. indoors

18mm OSB3, the 3 indicating that it is suitable for humid conditions. OSB3 is BBA certified as structural grade.

Whichever OSB you are using, if it’s for an outdoor application, treat it with an appropriate preserver.


Honey, I Shrunk The Truck!

April 24, 2017


We’re not sure where this was snapped, but full marks for the sense of humour!

We do sell ratchet tie-down straps, by the way…


How to Get Kids’ Scribbles Off Most Things

April 24, 2017

Image: cheezburger.com

Image: cheezburger.com

“It wasn’t ME!” Ever had a situation like this? What can you do?

First priority should be the pet. Whatever has got on the fur, it’s best to get a vet’s advice. Some products will get the permanent ink / tar / paint off well enough, but be toxic to the animal. Or your pet will lick off whatever you use and make itself ill. In most cases, it’s the waiting game: it will grow out naturally as hair renews itself. Sometimes you will be advised to cut the hair short in the affected areas.

A while back, a customer showed us his adorable hungarian vizsla puppy, which had gone running through some freshly laid bitumen and got it all over its paws and the tips of its ears. He was on his way to the vet!

The child we can leave to you! Soap and water sort most things.

As for the wall, you’re well advised to use a proprietary graffiti remover. TBS sells Everbuild Graffiti Remover 400ml Spray.

It has a powerful non-drip gel formula, works on vertical and horizontal surfaces to remove paint. felt tip marker pen and most other forms of casual graffiti. Water washable after treatment. It could be just what you’re looking for.

For product information and safety data, follow this link.


A Roof Window That Gives You Light AND Headroom

April 24, 2017

Are you looking to install a roof window? Do you want to be able to stand up and look out of it? With most brands, you can’t really do that. But TBS stocks one where you can!

What makes Roto R7 Roof Windows different is that they’re not the conventional centre-pivot window. The rotation axis is in the top third of the window, not half way.

This means lots more headroom. You can stand upright to enjoy the view! It also means there is a minimal amount of window protruding back into your room space.

Fitting the R7 couldn’t be easier. It comes with the necessary brackets already pre-fitted, so you can take the window from the box and put it straight into the roof. And the window is easily operated by just one handle placed at the bottom.

These German-made beauties carry a 15-year warranty. There is a 3-point locking system for all-round safety.

All TBS branches have demonstration Roto windows fitted. So come and see, or you can find more details from the Roto website.

We have Roto Window displays at our TBS branches – and some interesting prices on both windows and flashings.

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