Go Home Scaffolding, You’re Drunk!

August 26, 2016


Why keep matters simple when you can make them complicated?

This reminds us of a game of Kerplunk.


Paving a Small Patio? We’ve Got Just the Thing!

August 26, 2016


While the weather is favourable, it’s still possible to get a new patio down. Then you can cheer yourself up looking at it over the winter.

TBS has an attractive product for the smaller patio – and at an attractive price.  The Ashbourne Mini Patio Pack, from Bradstone, in York Gold. It has a riven, natural stone appearance with fettled edges. It’s perfect for creating an eye-catching patio feature.Bradstone_Ashbourne_Paving_York_Brown_5.67m2_Patio_Pack_-_Pack_5The Ashbourne Mini Patio pack covers an area of 5.67 square metres. The picture above gives you the actual dimensions and the laying pattern.

More good news? These packs are currently selling at only £129.02 + VAT. And there’s free delivery within the local area of any TBS branch! So why not give us a call?


Select Your Paint Colours from Your Mobile with These Great Apps!

August 26, 2016

Do you need to choose some paint? Did you know there’s now an alternative to going through swatches of colours at the shop?

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can now select your paint shades – and plan a decorating project – on your mobile phone!

Here are two great apps for the paint ranges stocked at TBS.

colour app - web main

COLOUR MATE, from Leyland / Johnstone’s, is a free download for Android, iPhone and iPad.

It gives you easy access to over 1600 colours from the Johnstone’s Trade fan deck, as well as the tools to create pallets of colour for each project. Once a colour has been selected, you are presented with its key information, such as its Light Reflective Value.

Now get this: simply photograph any object with your phone and the app will then match it to the nearest colour in the Johnstone’s range.

You can find out more about the Colour Mate app via this link .


LET’S COLOUR, from Dulux, is a free download for Android, iPhone and iPad.

It offers the same features as Colour Mate, including matching a photograph to a named shade. In addition, you have access to all the ready mix colours in the Dulux range, and there are Masterclasses where you can learn how to see through a paint project using Let’s Colour.

You’ll find a detailed customer review here .


How to Paint a Ceiling – Tips from the Trade

August 25, 2016


Today it’s our pleasure to offer you another helpful “how to” article from the good folks at LocalTraders.com.

Painting and decorating can be hard work, not least because of the time it takes to renovate even one room. Before you’ve even dabbed your brush or roller for the first time, there are several things to consider like what colour paint to use, and what quantity; where to start; and how much time you need to get each room completed, taking several coats into account.

The hardest part of any room to start painting is the ceiling, and it’s easy to see why that may be the case. In most cases, you have to use a ladder to get to it, and there’s also the problem of the paint sticking, drying or coming out uneven compared to the appearance of the walls – and let’s not forget the awkward angle and paint dripping into your face! It might not be the easiest thing in the world to do, but here are some top tips from the trade on how to paint a ceiling the right way.


You will need the following to help get the job done:

  • Paint
  • Paint tray and liner
  • Paintbrushes and rollers
  • Masking tape
  • A ladder
  • Plastic covers/cloths to cover the floor, furniture and anything else below
  • Ready-mixed or powder filler and putty knife for any cracks that need filling
  • Safety goggles
  • A small wall brush to get into tricky corners

The job itself

Once all your equipment is sorted, you’re able to get on with the actual painting. Here is a rundown on what you should do from start to finish:

  • Fill in any cracks in your ceiling. This will give you a smooth surface to work with
  • Remove any fixtures and fittings, if possible, to give you more room to work in
  • Use masking tape to cover skirting and any light fittings if they can’t be removed
  • Start painting around the edges and work your way inward
  • Paint the top 2cm of your wall with the first coat. This makes it easier to apply later coats
  • Once you’ve done that, paint the rest of your ceiling with a roller. This makes the job much easier and quicker
  • Paint gently so you’re not using too much on each stroke
  • Leave the first coat to dry and apply a second coat once ready

This is just the basics of the whole process, but there’s no reason to pretend to be the next Nick Knowles (DIY SOS) either – if you don’t feel up to the challenge, it’s strongly advised to leave it someone who can.


Shorter Shovels for Confined Spaces

August 25, 2016

ShovelCapHave you ever been working in a confined space and wished your shovel wasn’t so darned long? Well, there’s an answer.

TBS now stocks folding shovels! The Roughneck Micro Shovel is square-headed with a fibreglass core handle. It folds to 675mm (27”), which is really handy for fitting easily into the back of any vehicle.

The Faithfull All-Steel Folding Shovel is round-headed with a tubular steel handle. It has a point that makes it ideal for use in tight areas in gardens where you have to avoid disturbing to surrounding plants.

Both would be a great addition to your tool kit. They also come with a lifetime guarantee. So why not treat yourself to one of these strong but very practical beauties? Come on by or give us a call at any TBS branch.


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