How About an Underground, Turf-Roofed Home?

May 19, 2017

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This futuristic dwelling in Pembrokeshire, Wales, actually dates back to 1998.

A family commissioned architects Future Systems to design an eco-friendly small dwelling to be built in a stunning rural setting.


The result is the Malator House, which uses the elements of landscape, ocean and sky in a beautiful way.


The design incorporates a turf roof, steel chimney and peephole doorway, along with operable porthole windows on the see-through facade.


The idea of an underground eco-home was made popular more recently when former Premier League and England international footballer, Gary Neville, had plans drawn up for one in the heart of the Lancashire countryside.


Unfortunately, Neville’s ambitious futuristic project, powered by renewable energy, has been abandoned. Neighbours branded it an eyesore and called it the Teletubby House, after the popular children’s TV series.

Even so, Neville insists he hasn’t given up on his dream of an eco-dwelling. Maybe he’s just ahead of his time – or fancies the Hobbit life?

What do YOU think? Can we consider underground dwellings as a future option? Would you live in one?


Meet the TBS Daventry Yard Staff

May 19, 2017


Just chillin’. Here are some of our wonderful yard staff at TBS Daventry.

In the middle we have branch manager Simon and his daughter Ellice, who does Goods In.

Behind them from the left are Lee, Mark and Ray.

They’re here to help you and to load your vehicle, and they’re quite nice too. Guys, we salute you!


Flood-Protect Your Home – Outside AND Underneath!

May 19, 2017

Weather patterns are changing. Some areas are getting way more rainfall than in the past. This can lead to flooding, which could even get into your house. If your property is vulnerable, what precautions can you take?

SAND BAGS are the traditional way to block doorways, drains and other openings into properties. They can also be used to weigh down manhole covers and garden furniture, and block sink, toilet and bath drains to prevent water backing up.

TBS sells Hessian Sand Bags and the Building Sand to fill them, either in 25kg bags or a loose 0.2m³ scoop. Bear in mind, though, that sandbags will seep water when they are full, so we recommend using thick polythene membrane underneath and behind the bags. TBS sells it in 4m width, cut to the length you require.

Here is a video clip on How To use Sandbags.


Finally, have you got a cellar that regularly floods? Do you have a toilet in the basement? Flooding can cause foul water to back up and fill your cellar with unmentionable mess. The answer could be to have a good quality non-return valve fitted in the main run of the drain. It stops any backing up – and is a good safeguard against vermin using the drain route into your property too! It isn’t cheap, but it’s a huge saving on wrecked carpets and furniture!

As ever, TBS is here to advise and help you, so call by or give us a ring.


Protect Grass and Gravel the Professional Way

May 19, 2017

lawn job

Are you looking for a way to protect high-traffic areas of grass or gravel from excessive wear? Well, with TBS you can do so the professionals’ way.

ACO GroundGuard is a lightweight ground reinforcement system ideal for stabilising grass or gravel. It creates a surface which helps to reduce the risk of potholes, rutting or grass damage.

Manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene. The system is exceptionally lightweight and strong, making for quick installation.  Sections are 585mm x 385mm and clip together easily.

ACO GroundGuard is suitable for a wide range of applications including paths, drives, parking areas, field entrances and access routes. It’s ideal for pedestrian pathways and for constructing wheelchair accesses compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations.

If you want to see the huge range of uses that GroundGuard can be put to, go to ACO’s website and click on “Applications”.


And it’s tough! Correctly fitted, ACO GroundGuard has been certified to 250 tonnes per square metre, more than enough for almost any application.

In addition, ACO GroundGuard is over 90% porous and so reduces the rate of surface water run-off. This helps conserve groundwater and you save the cost of installing drainage.

So if you’ve got boggy ground as a result of all the rain and snow, think ACO Grounduard – and give TBS a call!


The Latest Must-Have Household Accessory: a Tennis Ball??

May 18, 2017

Now that’s versatile! We raise our hat to whoever designed this.

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