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In Memoriam: Rodger Ashby Has Died

January 24, 2014


It is with sorrow that we have to announce the death of one of our longest-serving members of staff at TBS. Rodger Ashby, a familiar and popular face at our Towcester branch, passed away after a battle with cancer. It’s hard to imagine that only 6 weeks ago, he was out in his truck, but will do so no more.

Rodger joined the company in March 1982. After a short spell at Daventry he transferred to Towcester, where he had several roles but was always happiest doing deliveries, meeting customers on home turf.

We think this is in the 1990s

We think this is in the 1990s. Click to enlarge

Colleagues from the early times recall how Rodger was never too proud to learn. That’s how he managed to run the plumbing counter – by asking trade customers “What is that, and what does it do?” He was remarkable in his commitment and enthusiasm.

Once, when the whole shop was being re-organised over a weekend and staff were given shifts, Rodger turned up at 1 a.m., when he wasn’t even on the list, just to join in – and stayed on for his normal day’s work! Right up to his final illness, he was manning the early shift, getting the tills ready and opening the doors at 7.30 a.m.

This one is from the 1980s

This one could be from the 1980s

During his final illness, Towcester counter had some paper available for customers and staff to send Rodger whatever messages they wished. People are full of gratitude for his integrity, helpfulness and genuine care, his reliability and wisdom. The word “respect” comes up a lot, which is a rare commodity these days but which fitted Rodger exactly. A true gentleman. He will be greatly missed.

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