Paul’s Moving on After 31 Years!

January 30, 2015

SDC11279Another TBS stalwart is hanging up his hi-viz! Paul Liberty has been with the company for an impressive 31 years.

In that time, he’s manned the sales counter and the plumbing counter, done Goods In and Stock Control, and been a delivery driver. “I enjoyed driving the most,” he says, “getting out and about in the countryside, maneouvering in tight spaces – even blocking roads completely while I tipped a load of aggregate.”


Paul at the start of his career

He’s seen plenty of changes. “When I started, we just had flatbed trucks and a tipper. There was plenty of handballing, which was good exercise but hard work. Then trucks with cranes arrived and life got a bit easier! Also, 30 years ago we weren’t computerised. Sales were written out in triplicate books. I wouldn’t go back to that – it was so slow!”

Getting the hang by now

Getting the hang by now

Paul moves on to be caretaker, janitor and general dogsbody at Christian charity, Northampton Jesus Centre. “Lots of practical stuff, which I enjoy,” he says. Thank you for all you’ve brought to TBS, Paul, and we wish you well in the future.


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