Meet Some More TBS Staff

July 18, 2016

Here at TBS we like to feel there’s a family atmosphere. Our staff are here to offer you good, friendly service. Let’s introduce you to a few of them.


 Meet David Wade, formerly at Southam but now doing Goods Inwards at TBS Daventry branch. He doesn’t always dress like this, but he is always keen to help!


And this is our “Flying Dutchman”, Wim De Rijk. He’s based at Daventry, handling sales for our Atmos Heating Systems affiliate, and he can advise on renewable energy and eco-friendly heating systems.


This is Dave Newbery. He’s been with our group of companies for 35 years, 18 of them with TBS. You’ll find him at the Plumbing counter at our Daventry branch – and he knows his stuff!


No, this isn’t Security performing a citizen’s arrest. It’s the one and only Ray Lunt, Yard Supervisor at TBS in Daventry, relaxing with one of his team!



  1. I’m sure the goods in staff work really hard as well as dressing up in building materials:).

    I hope Dave doesn’t consider wrapping himself with loft insulation when it’s cold!

  2. how did he get his bulk into the chamber risers, come to think of it how did he get out??

    • What makes you think he has got out?

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