Get Plumbing with TBS! Good Products and Some Know-How

September 6, 2016
Dougie in his domain - click to enlarge

Dougie in his domain

At TBS we have a specialist Plumbing section at every branch. Here you’ll find fittings for domestic bathrooms and showers, central heating, drainage (above and below ground) and general plumbing.

“Our stock of Solder Ring (Yorkshire), Compression, Endfeed, Buteline, Speedfit, Brett Martin, Plumbfit and Philmac is based on our experience of what tradesmen and DIY-ers usually need,” says Dougie Whitlock, plumbing specialist at TBS Daventry branch. “What we don’t stock, we can usually order in quickly for you.”

Dougie and his counterparts at our other branches know what they’re talking about. Either they’ve sold plumbing parts for years, or they’ve done plumbing themselves. They know their plumbing fittings. And, if you need to replace an old bit of kit that isn’t made any more, they may well know a work-around that will save you money.

So, if it’s plumbing supplies or advice you’re after, come along to TBS and check out the Plumbing section. We’re here to serve you.


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