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Beat the Burglar this Christmas with These Security Tips

October 17, 2016


As the dark nights and shorter days roll in, many homeowners should be thinking about home security at a time of year loved by many criminals. Around 9,000 burglaries took place in the winter of 2014 and, according to the Association of British Insurers, home insurance providers paid out an astonishing £14.5million worth of claims.

Don’t be caught out this Christmas! Keep your home under wraps and beat the burglar with this guide to home security, courtesy of the nice people at LocalTraders.

Check your policy

Around 1 in 4 British households don’t have contents cover at all, so make sure you double check what your buildings and contents insurance covers you for. This will help prevent financial loss at a time of year when the majority of people need their money most.

It may be worth keeping receipts for newly bought items too, so that your claim goes as smoothly as it can if the worst comes to the worst. Many homeowners take pictures of their expensive belongings to assist with the home insurance claim process.

Out of sight

The golden rule of home security is to keep your valuables out of sight. This way, criminals are not tempted by a ‘shop window’ of goodies. If a criminal can see a 60″ LED TV sitting in your window, then chances are they’re going to want to get their hands on it. Don’t advertise your belongings!

Christmas is a time of year when many UK homes are stocked with the latest gadgets and must-haves, which is an attractive prospect to burglars. Don’t let thieves indulge in some late Christmas shopping! Refuse collections are notoriously sporadic in the festive season, so try not to share what you had for Christmas by displaying the discarded boxes from your presents. Instead ensure that they are stored inside the bins correctly, or better yet put your rubbish out just before collection.

Invest in security

Installing a safe could be a valuable option if you want to protect prized possessions like credit cards, jewellery and electronics. Also, ensure that there are no weak spots when it comes to securing the windows of your property. After all, 30% of all burglaries involve thieves entering through the window.

Invest in a decent lock system – visible key-operated locks are the perfect deterrent. Replace loose window hinges and install dead bolts to ramp up your security. Window decals boasting hi-tech security systems work wonders too.

Christmas lights

For many people, Christmas is a time to go a bit over board with festive lighting. Don’t make the mistake that many householders do during wintertime. Many power their exterior Christmas lights through partially opened windows, and this is something that criminals know about too. Consider solar or battery powered lights to prevent criminals from taking advantage of your festive spirit! This will also reduce your electricity bills too, which is always a bonus!

TBS Sales Staff are ready and waiting to help you on matters of home security. Just pop in or give us a call.

This article was written by LocalTraders, the online specialists in home and garden improvements. Using a simple enquiry system, we connect customers with a network of quality, local tradespeople across the UK. For more advice and tips, visit


Popular TBS Daventry Yard Team Member Killed in Road Accident

October 11, 2016

                                         Victor with his customary smile

TBS is in a state of shock this week. With great sorrow we have to report that Victor Darvishvand, who worked on security and customer loading in the yard at our Daventry branch, was knocked down and killed by a car near his home in Stourbridge on 9th October. He was only 35.

Victor had not been with us very long but had already made his mark. Customers are telling us how they’ll miss his cheery manner and his readiness for a quick chat while he checked tickets and loads. They liked his accent, too – Victor was from an Iranian background.


He took a pride in his work, always wanting the depot to look good and welcoming for customers. He was on the ball with security, too, spotting a number of wrong sales most days. All of us who worked with him are going to miss him calling across the yard: “You alright, Bro’?” (he’d picked up the lingo). He was a man who cared, and that’s a big commendation.


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