Popular TBS Daventry Yard Team Member Killed in Road Accident

October 11, 2016

                                         Victor with his customary smile

TBS is in a state of shock this week. With great sorrow we have to report that Victor Darvishvand, who worked on security and customer loading in the yard at our Daventry branch, was knocked down and killed by a car near his home in Stourbridge on 9th October. He was only 35.

Victor had not been with us very long but had already made his mark. Customers are telling us how they’ll miss his cheery manner and his readiness for a quick chat while he checked tickets and loads. They liked his accent, too – Victor was from an Iranian background.


He took a pride in his work, always wanting the depot to look good and welcoming for customers. He was on the ball with security, too, spotting a number of wrong sales most days. All of us who worked with him are going to miss him calling across the yard: “You alright, Bro’?” (he’d picked up the lingo). He was a man who cared, and that’s a big commendation.




  1. He will be greatly missed by many,a kind gently soul with a big heart. He lives on through us in memories and time spent together with him x

    • Thank you for these words, Louise. Tributes have been coming in, on Twitter, by word of mouth, and the blog post had been viewed 150 times in the first hour. He deserves it!

  2. Very sad to hear about Victor’s death, I am shorked and short of words; but take courage dear brothers and sisters.
    Yes, we will all miss his brotherly love and warmth. We loved him but God loves him more and took him to Himself.
    Let’s now check of ourselves because tomorrow might be me or you.
    Grace and Peace from from our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Thank you for your support and faith, Rukundo.

  3. I did not know him personally. Still, heard about it, reminds me of time Leon who died at 25, we worked together at TBS. Never forget it as when somthing like this happens, your reminded of your own morality.. We can go at any time!

    This guy seemed to be a loving guy, let’s hope we have a good standing with the Lord, as we can go anytime.

    • So true, Alan. Thanks for reminding us of Leon too. How long ago is that now?

      • Reminds me of when Leon suddenly went too..The same shocked feeling..Life is a gift and we shouldnt waste one moment…it’s been hard at t.b.s this week…I’ve been trying to keep myself busy to stop myself crying

  4. such a sad loss great guy will be missed r i p mate from all the drivers at grs husband bosworth

    • Thanks, guys. No doubt you’ll remember how you got your trucks neatly lined up the side of the drive before getting you in for unloading. A real character – and his boots will be extremely hard to fill 😦

  5. A true gent nothing was ever a problem and will be missed by all

    Drayton Property Maintenance

    • Thank you for this, David. His Iranian culture had taught him virtues that many Brits miss out on these days, like courtesy, consideration and high standards.

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