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Sort That Fence with Accessories from Fencemate

November 15, 2016

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TBS recently changed its supplier for fencing accessories. Fencemate, from Birkdale, is a complete range of post supports, specially developed for DIY projects. They’re easy to use, and designed to save time and effort whilst delivering a great looking, long lasting finish.

Wherever a post is needed, in soft ground, firm ground, loose ground, stony ground, on hard surfaces, even on a concrete hard-standing or attached to a wall – there’s a Fencemate post support for the job. You can choose from:

To work out which support you will need for a particular function, Fencemate offer you a helpful diagram (click to enlarge).


So why not check out the Fencemate range at any TBS branch. We also sell a range fence posts, fence panels, gravel boards, trellis panels and arris rails.

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