The 12 Days of Christmas for a Builders’ Merchant

December 23, 2016
Image: keithkylehomes

Image: keithkylehomes

Like most of you, we’re about to close to the wonderful public and have a break. One of our number got creative and came up with this version of a well-known Christmas carol. So sing along and enjoy!

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me a black 40 mill swept tee.

One the second day …, 2 grubbing mattocks and a black 40 mill swept tee.

On the third day …, 3 packs of paving, 2 grubbing mattocks, etc.

On the fourth day …, 4 router bits, 3 packs of paving, etc.

On the fifth day …, 5 O-Rings.

On the sixth day …, 6 impact drivers …etc.

On the seventh day …, 7 tubs of putty … etc.

On the eighth day …, 8 packs of regrades … etc.

On the ninth day …, 9 wire brushes … etc.

On the tenth day …, 10 toilet cisterns … etc.

On the eleventh day …, 11 yellow buckets … etc.

On the twelfth day …, 12 roofing membranes … etc.


We’d like to thank all our customers for supporting us this year, and we wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas break and look forward to serving you when we re-open on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.


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