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Comfort and Safety in the Bathroom: Doc M Packs for Mobility Needs

January 31, 2017


Are you needing to install toilet facilities for an older person or for someone with mobility difficulties? TBS can help.

We stock the Arley Comfort Doc M Pack. The “Doc M” bit refers to a government Building Regulations document of 2010, which covers issues of access and sanitation. If you’re interested, you can access the whole document here.

As in the picture, the pack contains:

  • Low Level Pan, Cistern & Seat. The pan complies with the requirement to flush 6 litres. The overall height with the seat is 480mm, as required by Document M.
  • Padded Back rest
  • 4 Grab Rails. These are available in white or blue (the blue is better for visually impaired users).
  • Swing Arm, also in white or blue.
  • Sequential Basin Mixer Tap
  • 1 Tap Hole Wall Mounted Basin

All this comes at the attractive price of only £390. Not much, really, to provide comfort, safety and security in the bathroom.


An Attractive Home 12 Feet Wide? It’s All in the Design

January 31, 2017
Click on images to enlarge

Click on images to enlarge

Have you got a plot that you think is too narrow for a viable build? Think again! These pictures are of a home in an old district of Barcelona, Spain. The plot was only 3.7m wide and very long, connecting two streets. No problem for architect Ferrolan Lab, as you can see.


The nature of the site meant ensuring the right amount of natural light could enter, so there are plenty or windows. It also meant exploring the vertical dimension, where most homes would use the horizontal. So the home has many levels and sub-levels, according to the owners’ requirements.


A pretty resounding success, we say! You’ll find plenty more information and pictures by following this link.

And if you’re wondering how best to remodel a narrow space in your property, TBS can help.


Metal Stud Partitions and How to Install Them

January 27, 2017


Are you considering a partition in your home? Or doing an interior fit-out where you’ll need interior walls? You really have two options: a timber stud wall or a metal stud wall (sometimes called stud and track).

The timber option is economical, certainly, but there are definite drawbacks. Timber may not be straight, it can shrink or split, and the final structure isn’t especially robust. This may be fine in certain applications, but not in others.

A metal stud wall uses metal components that are straight and true. Timbers can slot easily and securely into the C-shaped grooves. The result is an altogether more solid structure.

compound-member-of-stud-and-trackThe stud and track system uses U channels for the horizontals of your frame, and C studs for the verticals. You’ll need a spirit level, some tin snips and a powered screwdriver.

Here’s a video of how it’s done: How to Install Metal Stud Framing.

For the infill, you can use wood-based panels, like plywood or OSB sterlingboard. There is plenty of debate over the ethics of plywood these days, as it is usually sourced from overseas and potentially from endangered rainforests. OSB is made of resin-treated wood strands, so it has the added advantage of being a uniform product with no interior holes or weaknesses. You can screw into it anywhere with complete confidence.

Once your frame is up, you have the option of insulation, then a facing with plasterboard. Job done! And TBS stocks all these products, so we can help you with the entire project.


Creative Ideas for a Feel-Good Home Office

January 27, 2017

What’s your home office like? Do you feel depressed just by walking in there? It doesn’t have to be like that!

With a bit of imagination and some exciting colours, you can have a work area you’ll look forward to sitting in. Here are some ideas. Click on images to enlarge.

Click on images to enlarge


Use different levels for a pleasing effect – and add some striking artwork.



Don’t let lack of space put you off: it’s amazing what can fit harmoniously.


If you prefer a more minimalist approach, let the colours shine!


What kids wouldn’t be happy doing homework in surroundings like this?

You can find plenty more designs at and .


A Word From Our Top Dog

January 26, 2017


“You’d have to be barking to forget your hi-viz and your hard hat!”

This is Biff, alias ‘Buster the Boxer’ from the John Lewis Christmas advert. Image courtesy of his owner, our fine TBS Daventry customer, Mick Howe.

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