Recycle Your Old Tools and Workplace Materials – Here’s How

January 13, 2017

Is your garden shed full of old tools? Did you inherit your dad’s old toolkit? Or maybe you’re a fitter with a load of boards you need to shift? All too often, the easy answer to this common dilemma is to hire a skip.

But is there a better way? What if your old equipment could be used by charities to help the world’s poorest people?

TBS were asked by the nice folk at The WorkPlace Depot for our thoughts on this matter. So we put together a blog post with plenty of helpful links to various companies and charities which receive tools, equipment, white goods, used timber, etc. You can read the article here: http://bit.ly/24ZFDU0

Of course, you could recycle things on location…?

TBS is always ready to receive your old tools, as we always have a charity project in a developing country which we support each year. For example, this one: http://wp.me/pFKCf-1J2


Tools donated to TBS were used on this project in Sierra Leone



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