The Cutting Edge – Reisser R2 Cutter Screws

February 13, 2017

TBS stocks the revolutionary R2 Cutter Screws, from Reisser. These only appeared on the merchant stage six years ago, but their strength and reliability are already making them a favourite with customers. Just look at what they offer:

  • The unique, patented twin slots allow you to screw close to the edge without splitting the timber
  • A reinforced collar prevents snapping and gives depth for a wide pozi screw, reducing the risk of ‘cam-out’ (where the screwdriver head slips off the screw under heavy torque)
  • The thread is wide, deep and lubricated, giving up to 40% reduction in drive resistance
  • The yellow tropicalised coating gives up to 20 times more rust-resistance than a standard BZP screw
  • The needle point enables the screw to penetrate almost any timber without the need for a pilot hole

ReisserWe sell them in boxes, buckets or cases of mixed sizes. All this comes at an attractive price, too. So you can see why tradespeople are going over to Reisser R2 Cutters. Why not pick some up at TBS and give them a try on your next job?


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