Wipe Away Stubborn Marks From Almost Anything

February 28, 2017

Looking for the best way to remove stubborn marks? TBS may have the answer you need: Wonder Wipes, from Everbuild. They’ve become the first choice wipe of the nation’s builders and tradesmen.

Just look at what these beauties can do! They’re specially formulated to clean hands, tools and surfaces from all sorts of nasties:

wet and semi-cured paint     

sealants      polyester fillers

adhesives      polyurethane     

expanding foam        bitumen

oil and grease             silicone               epoxy resins

They are particularly useful when there is no water on site.

Wonder Wipes will also remove finger marks, dirt, grime, oil, grease, petrol, inks, and food stains.  At TBS we clean our counters with them.

Wonder Wipes contain lanolin and vitamin E to condition skin and prevent dryness and cracking, there is no need to rinse hands after use. And that’s not all! Wonder Wipes now contain a powerful anti-bacterial additive. They’re resistant to MRSA, salmonella, Listeria and E.Coli.

TBS sell Wonder Wipes in dispensing tubs of 100. They’re multi-use, so you can return a wipe to the container if it still has plenty of life left in it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Wonder Wipes should not be used on porous surfaces such as untreated wood. You can find all the technical data here.



  1. Brilliant!

    Men everywhere can at last be clean – and with no reference to babies whatsoever!

  2. I like it! They can be smooth too, with all that lanolin.

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