Warm and Versatile: Ironstone Ticks All the Boxes

March 1, 2017


TBS holds a range of ironstone, and it’s popular.  Our Daventry and Towcester branches are in Northamptonshire, where Jurassic ironstone has been mined for centuries.

You can see why. It’s full of character, ranging from tan colour to a deep, warm brown. Tinges of pink or veins of deeper brown give plenty of variety and interest. No wonder it is widely used for homes, barns and walls.

Image: geograph.co.uk

Image: geograph.co.uk

The stone comes in palletised loads, rough finished but sawn to height. You can choose from 100 x 65mm, 100 x 90mm, 100 x 115mm and 100 x 140mm, all at random length. We also sell a pallet of mixed sizes.

If you’re building a wall, you have a number of options:

  • mixed sizes throughout
  • alternate courses of different single sizes
  • all one size but with 215mm jumper stones every so often, to break the line (we sell these by the linear metre)
  • use tumbled ironstone rubble for a field wall look; we sell it by the big bag


For a more rustic looking wall, e.g. a field or garden wall, we sell bags of tumbled ironstone (5 square metres) in hard, medium or soft grade.

For corners of buildings, ends of walls, or round doors and windows, we also sell sawn and dressed quoins (215x300x100mm).

It is usually recommended that you point ironstone walls with hydraulic lime, not portland cement, because the lime allows the wall to breathe and wicks out moisture. We sell that too at TBS, at 3.5N strength.  Find out more about the lime v cement debate here.

So for all your ironstone needs, at an attractive price, give our friendly Sales team a call at any TBS branch.


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