We’ll Keep You ‘Soldering’ On

March 7, 2017


Alternatives come and go, but copper pipe is still very popular with plumbing and heating installers. TBS stocks it in 15mm, 22mm and 28mm.


For fittings, you can choose between Solder Ring (which have solder already attached) or Endfeed (which don’t).  Whichever you use, you’re going to need flux before you apply the torch.  TBS stocks Laco Flux Paste, which is non-acidic, non-toxic and lead-free. It’s water-soluble and contains a detergent, letting you flush through fast and keeping the tube clean.


If you’re doing repairs to existing pipework, you’re going to need to think about protecting old joists, skirting, carpets, you name it, from the heat of your soldering. TBS stocks Laco Cool Gel, a heat barrier spray that sticks to any non-porous surface and protects it. It is non-staining and will evaporate within 48 hours.


Or you may prefer a mat. We can offer you the Rothenberger High Temperature Soldering Mat. It’s mighty efficient, but bear in mind that you have to hold it, leaving you only one hand for actual soldering.

For all your soldering needs, come and talk to our friendly plumbing staff, or give them a ring at any TBS branch. We want to help you “solder” on!


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