An Unlikely Renewable Energy Project: the Eiffel Tower

March 10, 2017



The Eiffel Tower has done remarkably well when you realise it was originally meant to last only 20 years! That was in 1889. Down the years, it has been maintained with love, as befits the iconic landmark of Paris.

Right now, it is in the middle of a re-fit to improve its ‘green’ credentials. The whole of Level 1 has been redesigned to incorporate LED lighting and a solar energy system that should be able to power all the displays, lavatories and eateries on that floor.

If you’ve been to the Tower on a windy day, you’ll know that the higher levels sometimes close because they shake. This wind resource is now being harnessed: two vertical axis wind turbines have been fitted, 400 feet up. You won’t notice them, as they’ve been painted to match the metalwork.

Finally, water power. The Eiffel Tower now has water turbines fitted within the water distribution system, and rainwater is also captured and used for flushing toilets.

Très bien, we say! For further information and pictures, follow this link.


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