Concrete Shuttering Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

March 23, 2017


Have you discovered K-Form UPVC Screed Rail – the economical, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to steel shuttering?

K-FORM is a 3m long UPVC rail made of recycled materials. It is lightweight and easy to use. Just one person can lay complete shuttering systems. Just think of what you save on time and labour, and you can pour more concrete in a day.

Being lightweight, K-Form spares you the Health and Safety issues of steel shuttering. But its top strip, made of harder plastic, is robust enough for you to use levelling equipment. It can be cut easily with a handsaw and no specialist equipment is needed, apart from a spirit level or plumb line.

K-Form has pre-drilled holes in the vertical face for locating steel dowels bars, and in the base for mortar anchoring. It also features a built-in expansion joint, end clips for joining and a removable top strip for joint sealing.


K-form is designed for a depth of 150mm, but it can be raised on a mortar bed to give you 200mm if required.

Once your concrete has been poured, K-FORM remains in place. No removing, no cleaning, no storing. So you save even more time.

Being made of UPVC, K-Form is resistant to petrol, diesel and oil.  This makes it suitable for filling station forecourts, industrial sites and agricultural applications, where steel may be unsuitable.

So do yourself a favour and move over to K-Form. Oh, and if you need the ready mix concrete to fill the frames, TBS can help you with a direct-to-site delivery. Just give us a call!


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