Got a Landscaping Project? There’s Plenty We Can Offer

March 24, 2017


Have you got an area to landscape? Will you be using gravel or a decorative aggregate? TBS can help.

Whatever you’re going to have as the visible surface, what goes underneath is every bit as important. If you’ve ever topped up a gravel path year on year and wondered where the last lot went, it’s simple: it’s almost certainly sunk into the subsoil.

stratacheck web -u40431

The answer is to use a stabilisation membrane. TBS stocks Stratacheck, which comes in two sizes: a 2 x 25m roll or (for big jobs) a 4.5 x 100m roll. Here’s some of what it offers:

– High porosity, allowing rainwater to be naturally absorbed into the ground
– Conforms with SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) regulations
– Stops decorative aggregates from being lost into the sub-soil
– Reduces the depth of sub-base required
– Can be laid directly under turf – for use in trafficked areas

What’s more, it comes with a 40 year guarantee! But please note: Stratacheck is not a weed suppressant. So for a gravel drive or path, you should consider a weed membrane too. TBS sells Weedcheck, in 1 x 14m or 2 x 25m rolls.

If you’re after a substrate, TBS can offer you type 1 MOT, which is crushed rock (usually granite or limestone), or crushed building rubble.


Flamingo chippings

When it comes to what to put on top, there is plenty of choice. TBS can offer you the following, in Big Bags or 25kg bags:

shingle in either 20mm (gravel) or 10mm grade (pea shingle),

slate chippings in blue, green or plum,

Cotswold chippings (creamy white)

flamingo chippings, a classy blend of grey, pink and white – looks great when wet!

For any other aggregate and landscaping enquiries, give our Sales team a call at any TBS branch.




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