Trench Block Foundations Save Your Back

March 31, 2017
Thermalite Trench Block

The right size in one go

TBS stock Thermalite Tongue & Groove Trench Blocks – a labour-saving way of constructing solid foundation walls.

Trench Blocks are an economical alternative to building cavity walls the traditional way, with concrete infill, engineering bricks or heavy aggregate blocks.

These beauties are the exact size of two traditional blocks with concrete infill. Their  tongue and groove design means they interlock in one easy process and you don’t have to mortar the ends. No wall ties needed, either.

This means that your groundwork can be done in half the time – a real bonus in bad weather.

Lightweight Lego for men!

Trench Blocks can be easily and accurately cut, so there’s less waste. Services can be quickly and easily installed through the foundation wall.
One major selling point is that Trench Blocks are lightweight and have built-in hand holds. That makes them easier to lift and position, and it’s kinder on your back.

Trench Blocks are suitable for soils up to and including class 4 sulfate levels. They’re ideal for Brownfield sites.
So, whether it’s a new build or an extension that you’re planning, talk to the Sales team at any TBS branch about Thermalite Trench Blocks.



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