Roofing Accessories – Here Are Some We Stock at TBS

April 3, 2017

There’s a whole lot more to roofs than trusses, battens and tiles or slates. Behind the scenes are those less obvious products that make the world of difference.

Here are just a few, and they’re available at TBS.

Valley trough

Valley trough

Valley troughs
provide a weatherproof drainage channel at the intersections or valleys where cut tiles or slates meet.

Made of glass-reinforced polyester, they’re durable and easy to handle – much cheaper than lead and of less interest to thieves!

TBS sells a standard (tile) valley trough and a specially adapted slate valley trough.


A Scroll Hip Iron is a retaining bracket with decorative scroll design, made of galvanised mild steel.

It’s used with traditional hipped roofs to prevent ridge tiles slipping down. It has nail holes for fixing to rafters, or you can embed it in mortar.

TBS sells scroll hip irons singly or in packs of 25.


eaves-combEaves Comb Filler is the handy way to prevent birds, vermin or large insects entering the void between the felt and tiles.

Site the filler strips at the eaves of a roof and/or below profiled roof tiles. Fit along the top of the fascia board above the felt.  Nail them into position using the fixing holes provided.

TBS sells eaves comb filler in convenient 1 metre lengths, singly or in a pack of 50.

196_lgeFlashband, from Evo-Stik, is a self-adhesive sealing strip which bonds instantly to provide a permanent watertight seal in all climates.

It bonds to most building materials and is ideal for repairing lead flashing, sealing valley gutters, mending leaks in drain pipes and guttering and repairing roofing felt joints on flat roofs.

TBS stocks Flashband in 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 225mm and 300mm width rolls.



At the bulkier end of the spectrum, we now stock the Dry Hip Fixing System UHS6/B.

For all concrete tiles and interlocking slates. 6m long, no mortar required.

Simple to install, weathertight and durable.


So, if you’ve got a roofing project planned, give TBS a call. We’d be happy to help you!



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