Have You Discovered These High-Performance Cleaning Products Yet?

April 4, 2017


TBS stocks a range of high-performance cleaning products from FAREN. They’re Italian and they’re getting better known over here for sheer quality. We recommend you get to know them!


FAREN ORGANIC   is a natural, biological drainage cleaner and odour remover. Its high enzymatic concentration removes animal and vegetable grease, soapy residues, organic liquids, etc. which are the cause of blockages and bad odours. Because it works biologically, not chemically, it is ideal for septic tanks.


FAREN CITRUS   is a bathroom descalant spray. It removes water residues, cleans ceramics perfectly,  and removes grease and limescale. It gives an unbeatable shine to taps and metals such as brass and copper. Faren Citrus is non-irritant and leaves a pleasant, fresh lemon scent.

FAREN CERAMIC  is a descaling gel specially formulated to remove encrustations, yellow stains, oxidations, etc. and for sanitising and cleaning ceramics. Simply apply with a wet sponge to the toughest scale build-up, wait ten minutes and rinse off. Job done! Faren Ceramic is based on a strong solution of hydrochloric acid, so protective clothing should be worn when using.



FAREN DESCALER   is a fast-acting limescale remover and inhibitor. Ideal for cleaning kettles, shower heads and screens, coffee machines, irons, etc. Its active ingredient is formic acid, which will not affect plastics, rubbers, PVC, iron, steel or lead.


FAREN MUFFYCID   is a concentrated mould and algae remover. Ideal for cleaning fences and walls, paving and wall tiles, swimming pools and showers. Very suitable for the cellar! Brings wall tile grout back to gleaming white, too.


FAREN GELOXAN   is a hand-cleansing gel based on orange peel extract. It is isotropic (it dissolves with the heat from your skin) and removes silicone, mastic, ink and the majority of glues. It is excellent on dirt from the mechanical sector in general, including engine oil and diesel oil. It finds some interesting applications in the Food Industry – it is particularly good at removing the smell of fish!

Why not try out one of these great Faren products? We’re pretty sure you’ll be back to TBS for more!



  1. I like the fact that MELT comes with a guarantee of not damaging drains, plastics or rubber.

    I once put some such unblocker down my bath plug hole and it caused a leak further down the system. Top floor too. Nightmare to sort out.

    With the Faren Melt it doesn’t look like this will happen. I be trying it next time I get a blockage.

    • I misread your comment first off, Stuart, as “a guarantee of not damaging brains”! MELT certainly has a strong smell!
      The one warning which i possibly should have included is that, because of its strong chemical action, MELT should not be used with biodiscs or septic tanks. It will immediately neutralise all bacterial action!

  2. i found this melt very good but useung it carefully as its like super strong but imprsseive

    • Thanks for this, Simon. People aren’t always aware that there can be an almost instant splashback when something as strong as MELT hits the bad stuff, which can send acid spurting at your hands and eyes. Protective clothing and eye protection are a must.

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