Refurbishing for Rental? Leyland Paint Can Help

April 11, 2017

Leyland Trade paints have been going since 1922, which shows how tradespeople and DIYers trust them for quality and economy.

Professional Builder magazine recently recommended Leyland Trade paints for the growing property rental market. Many decorators are employed to refurbish properties that have high people-traffic and have been neglected in various ways.

In rental properties, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas may be in the basement, lacking ventilation, so your choice of paint needs to meet these demands. Leyland Acrylux Acrylic Eggshell has been specially formulated for use in these high condensation areas. TBS stocks it in 5L Brilliant White or 2.5L White and Mixed Colours.

Sometimes a wall or ceiling in a rental property may need replastering. Leyland Super Leytex is a high opacity matt emulsion, specially formulated to allow new plaster to breathe and dry out after painting. It can also be applied to previously painted surfaces. TBS stocks it in 10L or 15L tubs, in Brilliant White or Magnolia.

In rental properties, hallways, stairs and landings can suffer from heavy people-traffic and the paintwork suffers serious wear and tear. A higher sheen paint such as Leyland Soft Sheen offers a durable, attractive finish and is washable. TBS stocks 5L cans of Brilliant White or Magnolia, and 2.5L and 5L cans of Mixed Colours.

The Leyland Trade website also offers you this paint calculator to help you work out the quantities you will need.

For all of these, and for all your decorating materials, call in at any TBS branch or give our Sales teams a ring.


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