High Powered Multi-Tool for Gardeners and Landscapers – Makita EX2650LH!

April 19, 2017

At TBS, we stock a real beauty for the garden and general landscape control:

Makita EX2650LH for strimming, brushcutting, hedge cutting and pruning

1.3hp 25.4cc 4-sttroke Split Shaft Engine Unit

Makita EX2650LH Split Shaft Engine Unit

Ergonomically designed lower loop handle, with soft rubberised grip for comfortable control and maximum stability. The upper handle houses the conveniently placed throttle and on/off control and a simple to use lever lock system for fitting and removal of attachments. And very convenient for transporting the tools in smaller vans or the boot of a car!

Fitted with a unique pressurised lubrication system which allows it to be used at any angle, the Makita EX2650LH is perfectly suitable for extended periods of use on grass banks, steep slopes or inverted when pruning or cutting. It is a professional quality tool built to the highest standards which will save you time and money.

The Makita EX2650LH split shaft unit can take 5 different heads (supplied separately):

  1. Brush Cutter (195652-1) – a selection of cutting blades for harder vegetation or can be fitted with a bump feed line spool for cutting grass and softer material
  2. Hedge Trimmer (195734-9) – Perfect for work on tall hedges and shrubs, the angle of the head is fully adjustable and it will rotate to 90 degrees for top cutting. For greater reach, the 1m Extension Pole (196032-4) can be fitted
  3. Bent Shaft Line Trimmer (195526-6) – For long grass and tidying edges
  4. Chain Saw (195691-1) – 255mm cutting bar – Ideal for pruning low branches up to 15cm diameter. For greater reach, the 1m Extension Pole (196032-4) can be fitted
  5. Cultivator (195711-1) – Twin rotors for soil preparation, particularly good for seed beds

EX2650LH Brush Cutter Head

Comparison to 2 stroke equivalents:

The MM4 delivers it’s torque over a much wider engine speed range than a 2 stroke would. This means less high revving to get the power required. So …

  • it’s much quieter – very important when using for prolonged periods and much less disturbing when working in built up area’s or parks
  • it uses up to 40% less fuel and over 3 years, with no need for fuel additive, this can mount up to a 60% reduced fuel costs!
  • lower revs means less vibration, reducing the risks of HAVS
  • reduced exhaust emissions, nearly 50% below the EU Stage 2 (Europe) regulation standard..

.. and 4-stroke engines are inherently more reliable than 2-strokes!

Give TBSDirect a call to find out more or place your order!

Warranty: The Makita EX2650LX has an extended warranty  of 3 years if registered online within 30 days of purchase (T&C’s apply)

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