Unprotected Chimneys? The Answer is MAD!

April 20, 2017
Image: alfredpoppins.co.uk

Image: alfredpoppins.co.uk

If you use the chimneys in your home, are you getting a downdraught, causing annoying smoke and smells? If your chimneys are redundant, do you have problems with birds or bats taking up residence? Even if you haven’t, an unguarded chimney can be letting cold, damp air down into the house.

TBS now stocks chimney cowls from MAD Cowls. They offer a robust, lasting answer to these problems. You can choose between these.


The MAD Cowl Anti-Downdraught Multi-Fuel Cowl is fully assembled and ready to fit, with universal fittings up to 280mm. It is aluminium with stainless steel bird guard, rivets and fixings. It is suitable for seasoned wood, normal coal fires, oil and gas.


The MAD Junior Birdguard Strap Fix fits chimney pots up to 250mm (outer diameter). It stops creatures entering and being trapped behind firebacks. It reduces rain entry and is suitable for seasoned wood, normal coal, and gas. It comes with a stainless steel hose clip.


The MAD Capping Cowl Strap Fix stops damp, cold air coming down an unused chimney while allowing for some ventilation. It is suitable for chimney pots 200-275mm (outer diameter). It comes powder coated in terracotta (we can also order buff if you need that). It is easy to fit and comes with a stainless steel hose clip.

So, for quality answers to common chimney problems, go MAD with TBS!


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