How to Get Kids’ Scribbles Off Most Things

April 24, 2017

Image: cheezburger.com

Image: cheezburger.com

“It wasn’t ME!” Ever had a situation like this? What can you do?

First priority should be the pet. Whatever has got on the fur, it’s best to get a vet’s advice. Some products will get the permanent ink / tar / paint off well enough, but be toxic to the animal. Or your pet will lick off whatever you use and make itself ill. In most cases, it’s the waiting game: it will grow out naturally as hair renews itself. Sometimes you will be advised to cut the hair short in the affected areas.

A while back, a customer showed us his adorable hungarian vizsla puppy, which had gone running through some freshly laid bitumen and got it all over its paws and the tips of its ears. He was on his way to the vet!

The child we can leave to you! Soap and water sort most things.

As for the wall, you’re well advised to use a proprietary graffiti remover. TBS sells Everbuild Graffiti Remover 400ml Spray.

It has a powerful non-drip gel formula, works on vertical and horizontal surfaces to remove paint. felt tip marker pen and most other forms of casual graffiti. Water washable after treatment. It could be just what you’re looking for.

For product information and safety data, follow this link.


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