A Roof Window That Gives You Light AND Headroom

April 24, 2017

Are you looking to install a roof window? Do you want to be able to stand up and look out of it? With most brands, you can’t really do that. But TBS stocks one where you can!

What makes Roto R7 Roof Windows different is that they’re not the conventional centre-pivot window. The rotation axis is in the top third of the window, not half way.

This means lots more headroom. You can stand upright to enjoy the view! It also means there is a minimal amount of window protruding back into your room space.

Fitting the R7 couldn’t be easier. It comes with the necessary brackets already pre-fitted, so you can take the window from the box and put it straight into the roof. And the window is easily operated by just one handle placed at the bottom.

These German-made beauties carry a 15-year warranty. There is a 3-point locking system for all-round safety.

All TBS branches have demonstration Roto windows fitted. So come and see, or you can find more details from the Roto website.

We have Roto Window displays at our TBS branches – and some interesting prices on both windows and flashings.


One comment

  1. These roof windows just let the light flood in, a great way to make use of your loft space, we have fitted 4 skylights in Bristol last month.

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