Sterling OSB Panel Board Keeps Growing in Popularity

April 25, 2017


For many years OSB (Oriented Strand Board), also known as Sterling Board, has been a favourite in the building trade. This is hardly surprising, seeing how versatile – and affordable – it is.

It’s made of 95% criss-cross layers of thin, rectangular wooden strips, compressed and bonded together with 5% wax and synthetic resin. It is ideally suited to all kinds of building applications, including:

hoardings      shelving and racking       caravans        garden sheds       exhibition stands       interior cladding       agricultural buildings     packaging and crates       portable buildings       roofs      boarding up doors and windows

OSB is easy to work, file, sand, nail and drill.  Because it has no grain, you can drive a nail to within 8mm of the edge without it splitting.

Because it is reconstituted wood, there are no knots or voids to cause trouble when you’re sawing. Yet because it is real wood, you can glue it with any PVA adhesive. At TBS we sell Everbuild PVA. You can also sand the surface and paint it with any good quality wood paint.

TIP: If you’re using a power saw, use a slower feed rate, as the stranded structure can make the board bind.

Photo: buildingdesignindex.co.uk

Photo: buildingdesignindex.co.uk

OSB ususally comes in 8′ x 4′ boards.  TBS stocks two kinds:

11mm OSB2, the 2 signifying that it is intended for a DRY environment, i.e. indoors

18mm OSB3, the 3 indicating that it is suitable for humid conditions. OSB3 is BBA certified as structural grade.

Whichever OSB you are using, if it’s for an outdoor application, treat it with an appropriate preserver.


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