Lost Your Tung? A Brilliant Oil for Wood Care

May 2, 2017


TBS stocks Pure Tung Oil, from Liberon. Not heard of it before? Well, it’s also called China Wood Oil and is made by pressing the seeds of the tung tree. The resulting oil hardens on contact with the air, forming a transparent, water-resistant coating.

Pure Tung Oil is the premium oil for woodcare. It is recommended for exterior oak. It also resists alcohol and food acids, making it ideal for kitchen worktops, tables and all high quality interior wood. Being a natural, non-toxic product, it can also be used on toys, wooden chopping boards and salad bowls.


Here’s what you do. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust and wax. Brush on Tung Oil, diluting the first one or two coats with up to 50% white spirit. Allow the oil to penetrate for 20 to 30 minutes then wipe off the excess using a clean, lint-free cloth. Allow to dry for 24 hours between coats. Apply further coats, reducing the amount of white spirit used.

Again allow 24 hours to dry. Apply a final coat undiluted. Tung Oil dries to a matt, “wetted wood” look with slight golden tint. Depending on exposure and usage, you will need to maintain the surface with a further coat about once a year.

With Liberon Pure Tung Oil, beautiful results won’t cost the earth, either. So why not call by any TBS branch and pick up a can?


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