Choose the Right Gloves for the Job with Showa

May 2, 2017


Choosing the right glove for the right job is vital. The Health & Safety Executive has issued some handy guidance for FREE download:  Skin at Work: Selecting Gloves.

TBS is pleased to offer you Showa gloves. They’re a brand leader, made in Japan and meeting all EU safety requirements.  There are specific gloves for different purposes:

ULTRA LITE GRIP for jobs where you need protection but still need to be able to feel what you’re touching. Our own stock controllers wear these.
WET GRIP have a nitrile foam liner, ideal for watery conditions.
OIL GRIP – for slippery work; a seamless nylon liner lets them breathe.
THERMO GRIP – just what you need for the winter!
POWER GRIP have a polycotton liner for comfort and natural rubber palms for a firm grip – so no abrasion cuts.
CUT PROTECTOR have kevlar woven into them. That’s the stuff they use in body armour! So they’re pretty puncture and tear resistant. You could use them for pruning your roses too!showa_370

Showa gloves look good and come in different sizes: we stock medium, large and extra large. The Medium size come up a bit small, so they’d be good for the ladies, too, but we can order small if you need them.

Oh yes, remember to “Showa” your friends!



  1. Do you stock small sizes for girls who work too?

    • We don’t stock them but order them in as required. It might be good if we did. Thank you!

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