Weathered Copings Protect and Enhance A Garden Wall

May 4, 2017

Once Weathered Coping

If you have a free-standing garden wall, it’s always a good move to check the copings. For a start, is the mortar still sound? If not, you’ll need some mortar. TBS stock Multi-Purpose Mortar Mix, with a natty little bag of cement inside the 25kg bag of sand, for easy and accurate mixing.

Some walls have no protection on top to guard against the ravages of the weather. Very old walls often relied on “sacrificial bricks” – a top course which everyone knew would degrade in time, but which could be easily replaced.

Much more straightforward is to fit coping stones. You can get decorative ones which look more like paving (TBS sells the Bekstone Textured Coping in Cotswold, details here). Or you can get long-lasting concrete copings. These come in a number of widths, suitable for whatever kind of wall they are to cap.

Twice Weathered coping

You can choose between Once Weathered (one upper surface) and Twice Weathered (two upper surfaces).

At TBS we stock Once Weathered Copings in 14″ x 2′ size. These are particularly suitable for wider walls. In general, walls do not require building regulation approval, but if you are in a conservation area or the property is listed, you may find that other regulations come into play, stipulating size of cavity, etc.

We stock Twice Weathered Copings in 2′ pieces, in 5.5″, 7″, 11″, 12″ and 14″ widths. We also keep corners for the more popular sizes.

So do your wall a favour – and your peace of mind – and check the copings have withstood the winter blasts. If not, give TBS a call!


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