Give ‘Nuance’ to Your Shower with These Stylish Panels

May 9, 2017
Nuance Ivory Marble

Nuance Ivory Marble Radiance

Here’s a range of exciting and stylish shower panels that is proving popular at TBS Kitchens & Bathrooms: the Nuance range from Bushboard.

Exclusive to Bushboard’s range is a large format laminate panel measuring 2420 x 1200 x 11mm which is post-formed on one long edge with a tightly shaped radius. This produces a neat finishing detail at the outside edges of a shower enclosure.

Installation is fast and easy and can easily done by a DIY enthusiast: simply butt the panels up into an internal corner, glue seamlessly into place with the company’s bespoke adhesive and fix the shower tray and shower enclosure over the top. The post-formed edge of the panel overlaps the shower enclosure guaranteeing a 100% waterproof and watertight, neat-looking edge.

Calacatta Marble Wet

Nuance Calacatta Marble Wet

There are 33 designs to choose from in the Nuance range, with something guaranteed to capture and inspire you. Interested? Then call by at a TBS  branch or give us a call on 01327 708500. We’d be only too pleased to introduce you to Nuance.


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