How About an Underground, Turf-Roofed Home?

May 19, 2017

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This futuristic dwelling in Pembrokeshire, Wales, actually dates back to 1998.

A family commissioned architects Future Systems to design an eco-friendly small dwelling to be built in a stunning rural setting.


The result is the Malator House, which uses the elements of landscape, ocean and sky in a beautiful way.


The design incorporates a turf roof, steel chimney and peephole doorway, along with operable porthole windows on the see-through facade.


The idea of an underground eco-home was made popular more recently when former Premier League and England international footballer, Gary Neville, had plans drawn up for one in the heart of the Lancashire countryside.


Unfortunately, Neville’s ambitious futuristic project, powered by renewable energy, has been abandoned. Neighbours branded it an eyesore and called it the Teletubby House, after the popular children’s TV series.

Even so, Neville insists he hasn’t given up on his dream of an eco-dwelling. Maybe he’s just ahead of his time – or fancies the Hobbit life?

What do YOU think? Can we consider underground dwellings as a future option? Would you live in one?


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