State-of-the-Art Domestic Hot Water Cylinders from Joule

May 31, 2017


TBS stocks the Cyclone range of hot water cylinders, from Joule. They’re solidly built of stainless steel and butt-welded, which means you don’t get corrosion forming in crevices, which can be a problem with some other cylinders. So confident are Joule in the quality of these cylinders that they offer a 25 year limited guarantee on most of their range.

You can choose from direct and indirect models, depending on your requirements.

Direct cylinders use inbuilt immersion coils and are designed for low to medium domestic use. TBS stocks the 200 litre model but can order other sizes for you.

Indirect cylinders are linked via a heat exchanger to your gas or oil-fired boiler. They have one inbuilt electric element to give intermittent extra support. TBS stocks the 150 litre , 200 litre and 250 litre models.

Joule’s Cyclone range includes horizontal cylinders and calorifiers. There are larger, commercial or agricultural models available too. Wim de Rijk, our Eco sales specialist at TBS Daventry, will be happy to advise you. Call him on 01327 871990.


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