Hand Arm Vibration Dangers with Power Tools: What are Safe Levels?

June 6, 2017

Image: myhealthyfeeling.com

Do you use power tools for any length of time – or even electronic games with a vibrating effect in the consoles? Did you know there are recommended safety limits for exposure to the vibrations?

If you consistently go beyond the safe exposure limit, you risk physical damage to your arms, hands or fingers: the dreaded Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. The trouble begins with tingling in the fingers, followed by numbness, swelling and eventually whiteness. It is estimated that 1 in 10 professionals who use power tools end up with HAVS.

You can find out more about the condition and how to prevent it via this link.


The good news is that there are ways to calculate safe exposure levels.  The image above is a chart compiled by the Health & Safety Executive. Click on this link and you can access it and use it yourself.

If the figures still confuse you, power tools maker Makita offer a handy online Vibration Calculator.


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