10 Creative Ideas for Reusing Delivery Pallets

June 7, 2017

The humble delivery pallet – for most of us a throw-away item. But wait a minute! There are dozens of creative, cost-saving ways of reusing pallets.

Here are a few ideas – click on images to enlarge.

What do YOU reckon to these ideas? Got any more? We’d value your COMMENTS below.

Number 10:  a patio seat on casters

Number 9: an agricultural storage clamp

Number 8: a home storage aid

Number 7: a garden or allotment planter

06-27-12-pallets-12Number 6: a rustic swing (but make sure you use a cushion)

06-27-12-pallets-11Number 5: a bike rack

Number 4: a kitchen table (I’d be a bit worried about splinters, though)

Number 3: a rustic outdoor table – the top is made of old decking boards, by the way

06-27-12-pallets-23Number 2: a wine rack

06-27-12-pallets-06And number 1: an instant garden patio!



  1. I quite like the staircase idea – you can use the holes underneath for storage: http://archide.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/dzn_brandbase-pallets-by-most-architecture-12.jpg

  2. I never thought that pallets can still be useful. I like the pallet bed a lot! My husband built my daughter a huge playhouse, I will tell my husband to build Andrea a bed like this.

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