Part J Regulations for You: Hidden Gas Flues Need Access Panels

June 9, 2017


Ever since Part J Regulations came into force in January 2013, access panels have become a vital part of the heating engineer’s stock in trade.

  • Any gas boiler system with a hidden flue MUST have an access panel
  • Access panels should allow visual inspection within 1.5m of any joint or bend
  • Any existing acoustic or fire rating must be maintained
  • A carbon monoxide alarm with a long-term power source must be fitted 1 – 3m from the boiler

If any of these conditions are not met, the Gas Safe engineer is obliged to mark the boiler ‘at risk’ and instruct that it be switched off until access panels are fitted.


TBS stocks a range of access panels, from Select Products. Ideal for when you need to provide access to a fixture behind a ceiling or a stud wall – or create access where it was forgotten!

The standard panels are made of heavy duty plastic. We can offer you the following sizes:

105 x 158 mm at £9.98

162 x 238mm at £12.48

300 x 300 mm at £18.73

Should you be working to specific fire regulations, we now stock a 300 x 300mm panel that is 1 hour fired rated, at £56.08.

This link (though using a different make) shows you how to fit an access panel into a ceiling.PFFD


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