Plumbing: It’s All in the Detail, Right?

June 9, 2017

As we all know, it’s those thoughtful touches that make a job just right.

Which clearly isn’t what happened in these pictures!

Click on images to enlarge

Click on images to enlarge



white-trash-repairs-try-to-fall-off-again-you-stupid-thingSo tastefully done!

Have YOU stumbled upon any more examples of plumbing fitting that didn’t quite work? Got any pics? We’d be happy to give them an airing here on the blog!



  1. Ha ha brilliant! I love the soap dish. I once saw a wash basin that had been sealed against the wall with about 50 pieces of used chewing gum instead of silicone sealant.

    • Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. Good Lord these are awful! It’s almost certainly the wrong post to comment on with this but we’re (http://www.buildpeterborough.co.uk/) currently looking to partner with a SKILLED plasterer in the Peterborough area. if you’re interested then please get in touch!

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