Waterproofing a Wetroom or Shower? This is the Kit for You

June 19, 2017


Have you got a shower or wetroom that needs waterproofing? TBS has the ideal product for you: the Dunlop Shower Waterproofing Kit. It is specially designed to make the job quick and easy. It prevents water penetrating into plasterboard etc., up to 1.5m high in a two-walled shower, and up to 1m in a three-walled shower.

The kit comes as a tub containing: 500ml primer, 4.5kg waterproof coating, 100mm x 10m corner tape, and 1 x 1m floor matting. It can be applied to wall angles, corners, around pipe holes and structural fixtures.

Dunlop offer a handy video on how to use the kit: How to Waterproof a Shower. You can also find the Technical Data Sheet here.

Last but not least, installers can enjoy a 10-year guarantee when the kit is used as part of a system of Dunlop adhesives and grouts. So, for a watertight shower or wetroom, pay TBS a call!


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