Need to Repair Chips and Cracks in Masonry? Look No Further!

June 27, 2017

Epoxy mortar for repairing of concrete

Are there cracks in your mortar window sills? Have your stone sills been chipped? Do your outside steps have holes in the stone or brick? It can easily happen with weathering over the years. The good news is, there’s a fairly straightforward repair.

TBS stock Everbuild Epoxyset repair mortar, both standard set (technical specifications here) and rapid set (technical specifications here). It’s a three-part general purpose repair mortar based on epoxy resin technology.


It can be used to repair concrete, screeds, stone or  brick in even the most demanding domestic and industrial situations. It’s stronger than conventional mortars. You can even use it on steel.

Epoxyset is formulated to withstand chemicals, impact and abrasion. So it’s the best way to repair wear and tear damage to  floors, steps, pipeskerbs and sills. Because it is so hard-wearing, Epoxyset can be used in high-traffic areas, on walkways or ramps, and on industrial floors.



Epoxyset packs come with finishing solvent and gloves. The mortar can be laid easily with a trowel, in either thin or thick layers. Ensure surfaces are free from flaking material, dust, rust and grease. Saw or chisel edges to a defined area to a depth of 3mm. Here are some DIY instructions for applying epoxy mortar.

NOTE: When bonding to stone, especially if the area is quite large, you may need to apply a priming coat.

So you don’t have to worry whether the postman is going to fall headlong down your steps. Get down to TBS and get yourself some Epoxyset.


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