Working in Dust and Fumes? Here’s How to Guard Your Health!

June 30, 2017


We all have a moan about Health & Safety now and again, but some parts of it are really vital. Just ask a retired tradesman whose lungs are half full of MDF dust if he’d do things differently next time around!

The debate is on over whether MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) dust causes cancerthis article tells you more. What is certain is that the dust particles have an unusual shape, which causes them to stick to the lungs. So you’d do well to be prepared!

Dust and fumes of any sort are a health risk in any number of trade and DIY situations. Particular care should be taken with the following:

  • soldering  
  • welding
  • using adhesives
  • sawing certain materials, e.g. MDF
  • grinding metal  

Here you can read more about the dangers of construction dust and how to guard yourself against it.

TBS takes these things seriously. We stock a range of masks and respirators to protect your lungs and nasal passages.

Ox FFP1 Respirator Pack : general purpose face masks for average levels of dust.

Ox FFP2 MDF Respirator Pack : a denser weave for finer, higher density dust.

If you’re dealing with FUMES, you need to be extra careful. Thinners, adhesives, some solders, and the fumes from welding require a full mask for proper protection. TBS stocks the Ox Twin Half Mask Respirator.



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