Using RSJs or Heavy Lintels? Here’s Why You Need Padstones Too!

June 30, 2017

Photo: askthetrades.com

Doing a job involving RSJs or concrete / steel lintels? Have you stopped to think of the massive weight being borne by the masonry below the two ends of the lintel?

Standard aggregate blockwork isn’t really robust enough to bear such direct weight. In extreme cases, this can even lead to cracks in the wall. What you need is padstones. They’re made of denser, stronger material than normal blockwork (typically to 40N/m2). Padstones bear the weight and distribute it evenly to the masonry below.


TBS sells padstones in 440x140x102mm, 440x140x215mm and 440x215x102mm sizes. We also sell concrete lintels from Stressline, in a variety of profiles and lengths, as well as steel lintels from Birtley (CB90, CB70 and CB50 cavity lintels, SB100 and SB200 box beam, internal, external and timber frame).


A padstone in place for the lintel Photo: diynot.com


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