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Scary Timber Delivery Clip – Enjoy!

July 26, 2017

They clearly have fewer weight regulations in whatever country this is – and absolutely no Health & Safety!

Note the guy standing on the passenger step as a counterbalance

Please don’t expect TBS delivery drivers to do this for you.


Help Your Doors Close Quietly – and Safely!

July 26, 2017


Has this ever happened to you? You fit an overhead door closer but forget to fit a door stop. It’s easily done, and the resulting damage is costly – and infuriating! But there’s a simple solution.

TBS stocks the Briton range of overhead door closers.

With one of those, you’re probably going to need one of these as well.


TBS stocks the Carlisle floor-mounted oval stop in chrome or brass,

We stock the cylinder and rose stop in chrome or brass

and the cylinder and rose stop, also in chrome or brass.


Preventing Falls from Ladders etc. in the Workplace

July 26, 2017

Click to enlarge

Clever? OK, maybe. Sensible? No way! A third of all reported fall-from-height incidents involve ladders and stepladders. On average, this accounts for 14 deaths and 1200 major injuries to workers each year. Many of these injuries are caused by inappropriate or incorrect use of the equipment.

This article, Preventing Falls on the Jobsite, reached us today.  It gives a lot more information, including falls from lifts and scaffolding.

For example, do you know the “three points of contact” rule? If not, you’ll find them in the article.
There’s a really helpful guidance leaflet from the Health & Safety Executive that you can download FREE from this link:
Safe Use of Ladders and Stepladders – an Employers’ Guide .

Curious Architecture: Staircases to Nowhere in Particular

July 25, 2017


The “stairs that lead nowhere” are more common than you’d think – as these photos show.


Even escalators are getting in on the act!


They can be outside…

… or indoors – we really don’t mind.



What subliminal message is it trying to send?

Is it art, perhaps? Or the influence of Hogwarts?


One thing’s for sure; the phenomenon isn’t going away.


And even if they try to remove the evidence, there are clues!


Get the Right Cover: Manholes Made Simple

July 25, 2017

If you’ve ever tried buying a manhole cover, you’ll know how daunting it can be. There are so many types, with complicated alpha-numeric codes on them. So, let’s try to simplify it, using examples from TBS’s own supplier, Clark Drain.





First up, domestic / pedestrian covers. These have an A15 rating (According to British Standard EN124:1994). Technically, that’s 1.5 tonnes, and you may think your car weighs less than that. But when it’s turning on the drive, the load on a wheel may be a lot more. That’s why under-rated manhole covers bend and crack.





For driveways, then, you need covers in the B125 range, which can be anything from 6 tonne to 17 tonne load capacity – depending what you use your drive for!





Then, for the main highway, you need top whack, the D400 covers. We stock a range of 38, 40 and 44 tonne models, including D-Tri and hinged drain covers.





Finally, if you need a more concealed cover, there are the recessed variety. Square (300×300 mm or 450×450 mm) or rectangular (600×450 mm) models are intended for block paving or concrete filling. The round version can be filled with landscaping material like earth or gravel.

We hope that helps. Don’t hesitate to ask our nice Sales teams for further information – and about our attractive prices!


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