Got a Stone or Brick Interior Wall? Make a Feature of it!

July 6, 2017
Click on images to enlarge

Click on images to enlarge

It’s our pleasure today to link you to a blog post from L’Essenziale Home Designs, written by the excellent Anna Nahman (to whom many thanks).

Down the ages, exposed stone or brick walls in homes were routinely plastered over. There simply weren’t the tools and techniques available to keep on top of the dust. And houses were much more functional – aesthetic pleasures were reserved for the rich in their mansions.

But today, there’s every reason to make an attractive feature of any exposed masonry interior wall. Anna lists these advantages:

– natural, ‘earthy’ look and feel

– durability and easy maintenance

– huge variety of materials which can fit any style or budget

– eco-friendliness

–  beautiful and rich texture

– ongoing visual interest

– good sound insulation properties


She goes on to offer 13 ‘Design Tips and Tricks’, covering use of lighting, furnishings, texture and highlighting.

The article is written from an Interior Design perspective, but it raises issues that could be productively taken up by the building and decorating trades and by DIY-ers.


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