A Hard-Wearing, Scrubbable Paint for High-Traffic Areas

July 7, 2017

Image: ducklingsinarow.com

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know the scenario: paintwork suffers. Dirty marks in the hallway because of high traffic. Crayon on the paint round children’s beds. You can’t wipe it too often before the paint starts coming off. And scrubbing? Forget it!

Now there’s an answer. Our supplier, Leyland Paints, produce a HARDWEARING MATT, and you can get it at TBS.

It’s specially formulated to deliver an extremely durable, hard-wearing finish. You can scrub it and it comes up good as new, without any degrading of the paint. So it’s ideal for interior walls and woodwork, particularly those in high traffic areas.


Hardwearing Matt is available in Brilliant White, Magnolia or as a Pastel base for mixing to the colour of your choice. It is low-odour and fast-drying – which you’ll want for busy areas of the house. It is durable, long-lasting and washable. It can withstand repeated cleaning and has excellent stain and moisture resisting properties.

So, if you’re needing to tackle areas in your home that are subject to wear and tear or condensation, look no further than Leyland Hardwearing Matt – and pop down to TBS!



  1. looks great just what we needed

  2. I really like the sound of this. I remember being told once in a shop that the best way to clean vinyl matt is to repaint it. This certainly flies in the face of that advice.

    I’d be interested to know whether this hardwearing matt could be used in a bathroom setting.

  3. In reply to both comments, we certainly think it’ll be a good addition to our range. There’s an obvious appeal to the DIY market, but we do have trade decorators who don’t like other “diamond” brands and want Leyland Johnstone every time.

    Given that it is by nature scrubbable and moisture-resistant, Hardwearing Matt would certainly do in a bathroom setting. So it offers an alternative if customers find vinyl silk too shiny.

  4. Well worth waiting for!

    • Wid it also be suitable in areas prone to spillages? One of my regular guests can be quite clumsy at best of times and tea among other things can end up anywhere but where it’s intended for so bit topical in this context how another calls Her an ‘AdultKid’ lol!

      • Hardwearing Matt would indeed be a good idea on walls in these circumstances, but Floor Paint might be better on the floor. Failing that, place clumsy guest inside a large tube painted with hardwearing Matt?

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