Damp Problems or Water Seepage? Call for Tanking Slurry!

July 11, 2017
Image: youtube.com

Image: youtube.com

Does your basement or cellar suffer from damp? There’s a brilliant product that may well sort it: Cementone Tanking Slurry, from Bostik – the chemical answer to water seepage and leakage in concrete and cemented structures.

TBS have found it a popular with tradesmen. They’ll admit that you never 100% guarantee a prefect cure to damp with a surface treatment, but they’re clear that Tanking Slurry goes a very long way.

It’s an internal waterproofing system that works by forming crystals where it detects water, which then block the seepage.

7968_500_500This makes it an ideal option for all kinds of jobs, including:

    • Swimming pools prior to tiling or painting
    • Cellar and basement conversions
    • Bathrooms and kitchens prior to tiling
    • Anything underground, like tunnels or maintenance pits
    • Pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete units, including drinking water tanks.

The makers recommend 2 coats, one brushed one way, one the other, to get the fullest possible coverage (the tiniest gap or hole will start to seep). The great thing with Tanking Slurry is that it keeps reactivating the chemical process, so it continues to work for years.

Apply direct to the surface you want to protect

The product is supplied as a powder in a 25kg drum. Mix with water and apply directly to the surface that needs protecting. No more struggling with rolls of membrane!

Tanking Slurry is non-toxic and breathable. It can be used on new or existing structures. It withstands hydrostatic pressure, so it can cope well with fluctuations in the water table.

It doesn’t wear or peel. It resists freezes and thaws. It covers and seals hairline cracks.

So, for any job you’re considering that involves water and the risk of seepage, look no further than Tanking Slurry.



  1. Thanks!

    Just to say, I find blog posts about any of our many products and their uses extremely helpful for training purposes. I’d been thinking that the TBS blog’s main usage would be by customers, but this kind of stuff is really useful for staff, too.

    I wonder if there’s untapped potential for the blog to be used as a more definite training resource. Thought I’d mention it.

    Thanks again.

    • I agree, Stuart. A blog serves many purposes including training. People search the net for advice and we want to be helpful. But staff should never stop learning product awareness, as new things come out all the time.

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