An Attractive Home 12 Feet Wide? It’s All in the Design

July 18, 2017
Click on images to enlarge

Click on images to enlarge

Have you got a plot that you think is too narrow for a viable build? Think again! These pictures are of a home in an old district of Barcelona, Spain. The plot was only 3.7m wide and very long, connecting two streets. No problem for architect Ferrolan Lab, as you can see.


The nature of the site meant ensuring the right amount of natural light could enter, so there are plenty or windows. It also meant exploring the vertical dimension, where most homes would use the horizontal. So the home has many levels and sub-levels, according to the owners’ requirements.


A pretty resounding success, we say! You’ll find plenty more information and pictures by following this link.

And if you’re wondering how best to remodel a narrow space in your property, TBS can help.



  1. I am dealing with a makeover of a room which is very narrow and quite long. Thank you for sharing – very useful!

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