Creative Garden Ideas with Re-Used Concrete Blocks

August 18, 2017

Photo: followpics.net

Got a few 9″ hollow blocks left over from a job? Looking for a creative, space-saving planter for your garden? Then here’s an idea! In fact, it’s an idea with so many possibilities, it’s worth buying the blocks specially.

If your blocks aren’t the colour you want for your planter, they can be painted with masonry paint.

Be aware that the blocks are hollow right through, so any that stick out proud from the rest will need the hole blocking underneath. A roofing slate cut to size would do the job admirably. And guess what, we sell those too 🙂


Or how about this? Same blocks, you’ll note, with some 4″ x 4″ treated fence posts, carefully sanded smooth. The perfect, heavy-duty garden seat!

So why not have some fun working out a design that’s right for your garden, then get building!


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