TBS Welcomes Some New Staff, part 1

August 29, 2017

We’ve had some staff changes at TBS Daventry. Some have gone to pastures new, and we have welcomed some new faces. Here are a couple of them.

Cosmin Mergu will be based in the Buying office, but right now he is training in the warehouse and the shop. So watch out for his cheeky smile! Cosmin is originally from Romania, where he had an unusual job – rescuing street dogs for re-homing. More recently, he has worked in Goods In in a health food warehouse. ‘Buying is a vital part of any business,’ he says, ‘and I like that I can also interact with the customers here.’


Bob Brown has joined our Stock Control team. After a training period, he will be based at TBS Towcester – where his son Jack is in Sales! Bob worked for years in retail, mostly customer facing at the counter in an outdoor clothing and equipment store. ‘I really enjoy being part of the team here,’ he says, ‘and my supervisor happens to be a friend from years ago! Stock control is a rather hidden activity but it makes everything else run better for everyone. I like the detective work aspect too.”


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