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Bathroom Ceramics: How Close is Too Close?

August 8, 2017

The bathroom / toilet / loo – whatever you call it, one thing’s for definite: it’s private, isn’t it?

Clearly, whoever had this put in, didn’t think so! Is this what they mean by “close coupled”?



We rather thought this arrangement went out with the ancient Roman public latrine (see photo), but apparently not.

Roman latrine in Ostia, Italy

Roman latrine in Ostia, Italy

Mind you, a form of privacy can be easily created…

Click images to enlarge

Click images to enlarge

Have YOU seen any wild and wacky bathroom arrangements? Feel free to tell us (use the Comments option)  – or even send us a pic?


Vintage Apple Crates as Furniture? Oh Yes!

August 1, 2017

Now here’s a genius idea! Wooden apple crates turned into imaginative and versatile pieces of furniture.



We’re convinced, what about you? We’d be interested in your thoughts. Please use the COMMENTS option.

Click to enlarge

You can find more details and another picture here.


Curious Architecture: Staircases to Nowhere in Particular

July 25, 2017


The “stairs that lead nowhere” are more common than you’d think – as these photos show.


Even escalators are getting in on the act!


They can be outside…

… or indoors – we really don’t mind.



What subliminal message is it trying to send?

Is it art, perhaps? Or the influence of Hogwarts?


One thing’s for sure; the phenomenon isn’t going away.


And even if they try to remove the evidence, there are clues!


Creative Ideas for a Feel-Good Home Office

July 20, 2017

What’s your home office like? Do you feel depressed just by walking in there? It doesn’t have to be like that!

With a bit of imagination and some exciting colours, you can have a work area you’ll look forward to sitting in. Here are some ideas. Click on images to enlarge.

Click on images to enlarge


Use different levels for a pleasing effect – and add some striking artwork.



Don’t let lack of space put you off: it’s amazing what can fit harmoniously.


If you prefer a more minimalist approach, let the colours shine!


What kids wouldn’t be happy doing homework in surroundings like this?

You can find plenty more designs at and .


An Attractive Home 12 Feet Wide? It’s All in the Design

July 18, 2017
Click on images to enlarge

Click on images to enlarge

Have you got a plot that you think is too narrow for a viable build? Think again! These pictures are of a home in an old district of Barcelona, Spain. The plot was only 3.7m wide and very long, connecting two streets. No problem for architect Ferrolan Lab, as you can see.


The nature of the site meant ensuring the right amount of natural light could enter, so there are plenty or windows. It also meant exploring the vertical dimension, where most homes would use the horizontal. So the home has many levels and sub-levels, according to the owners’ requirements.


A pretty resounding success, we say! You’ll find plenty more information and pictures by following this link.

And if you’re wondering how best to remodel a narrow space in your property, TBS can help.

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