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Look After Your Garden Fence the Professional Way

August 11, 2017


Every fence needs good protection. Even if your fence has stood strong, if it hasn’t had any loving care for more than 5 years, it’s probably time to treat it again. TBS stocks everything you need to keep your fence (or your shed) looking great and able to withstand the elements.

Particularly on a north-facing fence, panels and posts can start looking a bit green. Everbuild Fungicidal Wash is just the ticket. We sell a 1L spray bottle or a 5L container for painting or spraying. Just treat affected areas, leave for a while, and brush off with cold water.

TBS can supply you with traditional brush-on wood stains and protectors, but we also sell Ronseal Fencelife Sprayable. It’s the quick and easy way to give thorough, lasting protection to your fences and your shed.

Forget the extension leads!

The Ronseal Power Sprayer uses a 6v powered motor for consistent pressure and even coverage. It boasts a precision fan nozzle for accurate and controlled spray pattern.  The control trigger is engineered for ease of control. The sprayer has a convenient 2m hose. Clip straight on to a tub of Fencelife Sprayable and away you go. No pumping, no pouring, no mess!  The Power Sprayer’s batteries are good for the treatment of up to 40 fence panels, at around 2 minutes per panel.

TBS stocks a range of popular colours

Ronseal Sprayable Fencelife comes in 5 litre tubs. It is wax-enriched for maximum protection. It protects against fading too.

TBS stocks the following popular colours:

Dark Oak     Forest Green     Harvest Gold     Medium Oak     Red Cedar

Sprayable Fencelife is touch-dry in 1-2 hours, depending on the type and condition of the timber.

Ronseal guarantees 5 years of excellent, durable protection to your fences – which means peace of mind for you!


Common Mistakes to Avoid in Home Renovation

August 9, 2017

Every so often, we come across an article that is so useful that we think you should all have a look. Well here’s one, courtesy of HGTV: 25 Biggest Renovation Mistakes.

Click on images to enlarge

Here are a couple of “tasters” of the trade wisdom offered:

21. Not Doing the Prep Work

“Do it the right way, right away. You shouldn’t avoid your prep work. You want to take the time to do it right and right from the beginning.”

Adding to that wisdom is contractor Jim Collins: “It’s a horrible, tedious process, and nobody likes it, but it saves so much time later on down the way. And that’s what you’re trying to do: save yourself money and time.”

17. Going Too Trendy

“People often make the mistake of wanting to be too hip in their new home by picking the latest, hottest, coolest things,” says carpenter Carmen De La Paz. “What they don’t take into consideration is that trendy means that it’s short term.”

Jim Collins adds, “You want something that’s going to stand the test of time, something that’s going to last for years and years.”


12. Using the Wrong Paint

“People often make the mistake of picking the wrong paint for whatever particular project they may be working on,” says De La Paz. “You don’t realize that there is paint for just about every surface.”

“Flat is basically for your ceilings and sometimes for your walls,” adds carpenter Jeff Devlin, “whereas your semi-gloss would be for trim in a bathroom or in maybe a dining room. The glossy will give it a more upscale look.”

Want to see more? Then click on the link above and you’ll get the full article. Nice one, guys!


Effective Treatment for Rotten Timber? Send for the Lumberjack!

August 9, 2017

It’s a nightmare! You look somewhere that you don’t normally look (like the rafters in the loft behind your water tank) and the tell-tale signs are there: timber damage. You can’t afford to leave it. Something must be done!

Wet rot prefers timbers with a higher moisture content (above 25%), so it may be caused by inadequate ventilation under floors, the proximity to damp walls, or water leaks from sinks and baths, or poorly-maintained roofs.

Dry rot

Dry rot prefers drier timber, but it doesn’t stop there. It can travel through masonry in its search for food. If you spot white strands between brick and plaster, then you’ve almost certainly got it!


Woodworm refers to the exit holes left by the grubs of wood-boring insects. They exit in the warmer weather, so by now the holes will be there for all to see. Woodworm can cause serious damage to both internal & external timber, as well as wooden furniture. If left untreated, it can seriously weaken timbers, making things like rafters unsafe.

The answer’s in one can

TBS offers an effective all-in-one treatment for these nasties: Lumberjack Triple Action Wood Treatment. We stock it in 2.5 litre and 5 litre cans, and a 25 litre drum.

Triple Action is low-solvent and low-odour.  It contains fungicides, algaecides and Permethrin to actively kill and protect against all known wood rot, decay, fungi and wood boring insects. The fungicides and algaecides are finely dispersed, so they penetrate the wood quicker and get to work right away.

It is fast-drying and non-flammable. You can apply it to wet timbers without loss of performance. So it’s ideal for use on:

  • Sheds and garages
  • Window frames and doors
  • Fencing
  • Farm buildings
  • Roof beams and joists
  • Garden  and indoor furniture.
  • Floorboards

Two important notes: do not use on bitumen, plastics or roofing felt, and do not tip residue down drains (as it is lethal to aquatic organisms, good ones included).


Bathroom Ceramics: How Close is Too Close?

August 8, 2017

The bathroom / toilet / loo – whatever you call it, one thing’s for definite: it’s private, isn’t it?

Clearly, whoever had this put in, didn’t think so! Is this what they mean by “close coupled”?



We rather thought this arrangement went out with the ancient Roman public latrine (see photo), but apparently not.

Roman latrine in Ostia, Italy

Roman latrine in Ostia, Italy

Mind you, a form of privacy can be easily created…

Click images to enlarge

Click images to enlarge

Have YOU seen any wild and wacky bathroom arrangements? Feel free to tell us (use the Comments option)  – or even send us a pic?


TBS Offer Domestic and Commercial Drainage Solutions from ACO

August 8, 2017


Are you needing to sort the surface drainage of your patio or driveway? TBS stocks channel drainage systems from ACO, a UK market leader.



Aco RainDrain is a channel made of Vienite, a high-strength polymer concrete, with a galvanised steel grating. It comes in 1m lengths. We also sell the corresponding outlets and end caps.





Aco HexDrain is an attractive and high-strength channel made of polypropylene. It comes in 1m lengths. We also sell corner units, to enable a right-angle bend, as well as end caps and leaf guards.




Aco Brickslot is widely used in domestic block paving and threshold projects. The 1m polypropylene channels simply clip together and the paviors are laid on top, leaving discreet drainage slots. We sell corner units for this product, too.


For further information, and for other paving questions, feel free to contact our Sales team at any TBS branch.

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